October 14 - Day 1

Open remarks
Keynote I: Internet, Things, and Smartness
Samee U. Khan (NSF & North Dakota State University)
Session chair:Xiuzhen Cheng

Coffee break


Precog: Action-Based Time-Shifted Prefetching for Web Applications on Mobile Devices

Shruti Sanadhya:Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA; Uma Parthavi Moravapalle:Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; Kyu-Han Kim:Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA; Raghupathy Sivakumar:Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

An Empirical Study of Financial Incentivized Question Answering in Social Websites

Huangxin Wang:George Mason University; Zhonghua Xi:George Mason University; Jean X. Zhang:Virginia Commonwealth University; Fei Li:George Mason University

Automated Least Privileges in Cloud-Based Web Services

Matthew Sanders:Colorado School of Mines; Chuan Yue:Colorado School of Mines

Extracting Web Information using Representation Patterns

Juan C. Roldán:University of Sevilla; Patricia Jiménez:University of Sevilla; Rafael Corchuelo:University of Sevilla

NoCDN: Scalable Content Delivery Without a Middleman

Junbo Xu:Case Western Reserve University; Michael Rabinovich:Case Western Reserve University




Rethinking Information Sharing for Threat Intelligence

Aziz Mohaisen:University of Central Florida; Omar Al-Ibrahim:University of Central Florida; Charles Kamhoua:US Army Research Laboratory; Kevin Kwiat:Air Force Research Laboratory; Laurent L. Njilla:Air Force Research Laboratory

Graphical passwords for older computer users

Nancy Carter:College of William & Mary; Ed Novak:Franklin & Marshall College; Cheng Li:College of William & Mary; Zhengrui Qin:Northwest Missouri State University; Qun Li:College of William & Mary; Jennifer A Stevens:College of William & Mary; Jiquo Yu:Qufu Normal University

Mitigating DNS Random Subdomain DDoS Attacks by Efficient Distinct Heavy Hitters

Yehuda Afek:Tel-Aviv University, Israel; Anat Bremler-Barr:Interdisciplinary Center, Israel; Edith Cohen:Google Research and Tel-Aviv University; Shir Landau Feibish:Tel-Aviv University; Michal Shagam:Tel-Aviv University

Understanding the Effectiveness of Typosquatting Techniques

Jeffrey Spaulding:University of Central Florida; DaeHun Nyang:Inha University; Aziz Mohaisen:University of Central Florida

Inference attacks based on neural networks in social networks

Bo Mei:George Washington University; Yinhao Xiao:George Washington University; Hong Li:Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xiuzhen Cheng:George Washington University; Yunchuan Sun:Beijng Normal University


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Edge Computing Enabled Smart Firefighting: Opportunities and Challenges

Xiaopei Wu:Wayne State University; Robert Dunne:Wayne State University, Detroit Fire Department; Qingyang Zhang:Anhui University, Wayne State University; Weisong Shi:Wayne State University;

Graph-Pubsub: An Efficient Publish/Subscribe Architecture with Graph-Based Information Relationships

Jiachen Chen:WINLAB, Rutgers University; Haoyuan Xu:WINLAB, Rutgers University; Yanyong Zhang:WINLAB Rutgers University; Dipankar Raychaudhuri:WINLAB Rutgers University

A Knowledge and Reasoning Toolkit for Cognitive Applications

Mustafa Canim:IBM Research; Cristina Cornelio:IBM Research; Robert Farrell:IBM Research; Achille Fokoue:IBM Research; Kyle Gao:IBM Research; John Gunnels:IBM Research; Arun Iyengar:IBM Research; Ryan Musa:IBM Research; Mariano Rodriguez-Muro:IBM Research

Enabling Distributed Revision Control Systems in Delay-Tolerant

Philipp Hagemeister:Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf; Martin Mauve:Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf


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